Team Building Activity

The team at MUHC were very helpful when it came to the organisation of the event for the employees at Malta Enterprise. All employees enjoyed the exercises prepared. The food was nice and special care was given to those with special dietary requirements. Thank you all for making this day even more fun’

Ms Fleurette Zarb Cocks

Manager, Marketing & Brand Portfolio

Team Building Activity

I would like the thank the MUHC Sports and Leisure team for the enjoyable and well-planned team-building day held at the University Residence.

Well done to all – would definitely recommend to anyone seeking to organise a similar event!

Ms Cristine Pisani

Assistant Accountant

Consultancy Services

The team at MUC has provided the Valletta Cultural Agency with valuable and professional services linked to various projects that required expert advice and insights by academics and researchers. We had a constant and open channel of communication with the MUC team as well as effective coordination with the multidisciplinary team working on our projects.

Mr Caldon Mercieca

Valletta Design Cluster, Valletta Cultural Agency

Public Speaking Course

‘A brilliant life-changing course. I can’t but remark that this was a very interesting and useful course, not only for your tips on humour, presentation etc but mostly for the fact that to me it was a complete realisation that success is directly dependant on practice. I had the false conviction that those who presented well were able to do so because of an innate skill in communication. Reality is that practice gives you the necessary confidence in the subject matter, in the way one feels about the subject, but mostly, the positive way one feels about himself/herself when observed.

Ms Fleur Brincat

Physiotherapist & Ph.D student

SME Internationalisation and Export Management Training Course 2019

An excellent tool to anyone who is seeking to internationalise. With weekly interactive sessions and professional support and advice, I would highly recommend this to members of staff of firms seeking to look beyond Maltese shores and develop their business further! Well done Trade Malta!

Attendant to a course organized by Malta University Consulting in conjunction with Trade Malta

Management of Cooperatives Course

I would like to thank you and all those involved for the organisation of the course, which I found very interesting and useful. I hope that you will consider organising similar courses in the future. I would certainly do my utmost to attend.

Dr Oliver Frendo

Dip. Agric, D.V.M.
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