MULS’s participation in the German language fair Expolingua, held in the capital Berlin, went extremely well. The fair was well organized, down to the smallest detail, the exhibitors were friendly and pleasant all round, and the visitors welcoming to the sole representatives from Malta. Indeed, our school was exposed to thousands, with many people stopping to enquire about our school, our courses, the University of Malta, and also about Malta itself.

A warm thanks goes to all of those who booked courses with us, the teens for next summer’s supervised programmme, the business people who will refine their English for business purposes, the mature people who will combine a lengthy holiday with English learning, the youths who will follow our exam preparation course, and the many others who opted for our General English course. Heartfelt thanks also go to our friendly neighbours at the fair who livened our days with their jokes and cheery ‘Good mornings’. Thanks Expolingua for making it all possible.