Short Training Course on Stroke Care for Caregivers


14 April – 19 May 2021

5.30 pm – 7.30 pm

VENUE  :  Online via ZOOM


Dr Anthony Scerri;  Ms Cynthia Scerri;  Ms Nadine Spiteri Gingell;  Ms Charmaine Mallia;  Ms Helen Fiorini


 €135/UM student €125


The aim of the course: 

Stroke or cerebrovascular accidents are globally, the second leading cause of death and the third leading cause of disability.

Once discharged from hospital, caregivers of stroke survivors find themselves trying to adapt to their new realities whilst continuing providing rehabilitation at home.

This course seeks to provide caregivers with the knowledge, skills and competencies to support stroke survivors in their daily care at home.

Course Programme :

14th April 2021 – Understanding stroke and stroke rehabilitation – Dr Anthony Scerri

21st April 2021 – Nursing care of a person with a stroke at home – Dr Anthony Scerri

28th April 2021 – Adapting the home environment and engaging persons with a stroke at home – Ms Cynthia Scerri

  5th May 2021 – Enabling physical activity and preventing falls at home – Ms Nadine Spiteri Gingell

12th May 2021 – Availability of community services for care at home – Ms Charmaine Mallia

19th May 2021 – Communicating with a person following a stroke – Ms Helen Fiorini

WHAT’S  INCLUDED: Certificate of Attendance issued by Malta University Consulting Ltd on 80% attendance


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