Short Course on Grief and Bereavement


12 hours 

Date :   20th October – 8th November 2021

5.30pm – 7.30pm


Course trainer: Ms Catherine Smith, B.Psy (ODU), P.G.Dip. Systemic Family Psychotherapy, MA T.Couns. (Melit)  


Price : €99 




  • Grief and Bereavement: An Introduction
  • Grief Across Age Groups
  • Supporting the Bereaved and Bereft


  • Meaning Making Process
  • Preparing for Significant Dates
  • Caregiver Self-Care

Learning Outcomes:

  • Obtain a general understanding of grief and bereavement.
  • Identify different types of loss and different types of grief.
  • Identify and understand the behaviour of grieving individuals and common reactions to grief and loss across age groups.
  • Understand the impact of grief across age groups.
  • Understand how individuals progress through the grieving process and proceed to meaning making.
  • Recognise when outside help is needed.
  • Identify resources to help the bereaved and bereft.
  • Identify possible triggers and provide support.
  • Identify caregiver needs and ways to self-care.



  • Upon successfully completing the course with 80% attendance, attendees will receive a certificate of attendance from Malta University Consulting Ltd. 

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tel:        +356 21240746