Award in Pharmacognosy and Herbal Products


5.00pm – 8.00pm

Venue: TBA

Course trainer:  Prof Everaldo Attard









Accreditation LevelThis course has been approved by the National Commission for Further & Higher Education as equivalent to Level 6 (5 ECTS)   (Licence No: 2013-FHI-019; Further & Higher Education Institution)

The aim of this course :

      • primarily aimed at Qualified Personnel candidates that work in the pharmaceutical industry having a BSc in Chemistry/Biology, Professionals with a degree in Pharmacy-related subjects and Postgraduate students reading for Master’s degree in Pathology/Pharmacology  
      • to learn how pharmacognosy has evolved throughout the ages and has developed into a way of life for some
        patients and consumers.
      • to define ethnobotany and discuss the methodology used in this field
      • to distinguish between herbal medicines, nutraceuticals (food supplements) and cosmetics with their respective
      • to distinguish between primary and secondary metabolism in terms of role and complexity within the plant species;
      • many other related topics will also be covered – see Course Information Sheet for further detailed information


  • 28 hours of lessons online via ZOOM webinars
  • Certificate of Attendance issued by Malta University Consulting Ltd


email :

tel:        +356 21 240746 / 99829244