Malta University Laboratory Services is a procurer for independent results that emanate from its interface with the various laboratories, consultancy, testing and research activities carried out at the University of Malta. Various departments within the University of Malta have throughout the years offered a wide range of expertise to industry in various fields. The management of the work commissioned from the industry is undertaken by Malta University Holding Company Limited.

Through its various laboratories, Malta University Laboratory Services offers a range of testing and consultancy services, including:

  • Physical tests (such as tests for electromagnetic fields, radioactivity, health risk assessments);

  • Indoor and outdoor air quality tests;

  • Mechanical tests (vibration monitoring, tensile & impact testing);

  • Food microbiological tests & nutrient and sugar content tests;

  • Chemical analysis;

  • Calibration of measuring equipment;

  • Roughness, roundness & concentricity measurements;

  • Prototype manufacturing;

  • Surface engineering, heat treatment of metals & characterization of materials.

Other tests performed include quality control testing for the construction industry, calibration of measuring equipment and prototype manufacturing. The laboratories offer their services to companies from all sectors of industry, including construction, metal, plastic forming, aviation, microelectronics, food, pharmaceutical and others. Malta University Laboratory Services is completely independent and offers testing and consultancy services by highly qualified staff employed by the University of Malta. Customers benefit from the accumulated expertise and technologies within Malta University Laboratory Services that upholds the highest standard of testing, high quality and value. Malta University Laboratory Services’ commitment to quality, state-of-the-art technologies and expertise ensure that test results provide the reliable information needed to meet compliance, regulatory, and any other requirements.

Our Clients

Some of the organizations already using MUC to source tests include:

You may contact Ing. Mario Cachia at  for additional information or on :(+356) 2340 8908.