Award in Digital Marketing Strategy – Planning & Implementation

 9.00am – 1.00pm


Course trainer:

Dr Franco Curmi Ph.D (Lancs), M.Res. (Lancs), M.A. (Melit)



€270/€245 (UM students)



The aim of this course :

  • to learn practical insights and hands on practice in Digital Marketing  
  • for individuals who have experience in a different field but want to broaden their knowledge by adding digital marketing to their skill set
  • for those individuals who like to improve their companies or the company they work for by adopting strategic approach to their digital marketing effort.


  • 16 hours of online lessons via ZOOM webinars
  • Upon successfully completing the course and with a minimum of 80% attendance, attendees will receive an MFHEA Accredited Certificate from Malta University Consulting Ltd.


email :   OR

tel:        +356 21 240746