10 Things You Didn’t Know About Our Training Courses

1. Our trainers are very highly qualified and renowned in their field. Many are University lecturers with extensive experience. You will find a brief resume on the respective course pages.

2. Our conference hall is large and air-conditioned with free WiFi! (include photo?)

3. This place is so easy to get to! There is a large free car-park for your convenience, bicycle parking at the entrance AND bus no. 54 conveniently stops right outside the Malta University Residence Entrance!

4. Registration to our courses is very straightforward. Click on our online registration form (pay.muhc.com.mt/courses/) and you’re done quicker than you can say ‘monkeys matter mostly during metaphorical musings’.

5. You get an attendance certificate (subject to 80% minimum attendance). 

6. We ensure high quality course material for best value for money.

7. We offer tailored courses to suit your specific requirements.  (put link to tailored course page)

8. We are licensed by the NCFHE and offer a number of accredited courses. (put link to courses page)

9. We have numerous satisfied customers – check out our testimonials! (put link to testimonials)

10. You may be entitled to 70% of your course fees back as Tax Credit via the Get Qualified Scheme! (put link to courses page)