The Art of Public Speaking: March – May 2018

Malta University Consulting Ltd is once again offering the course on The Art of Public Speaking in March 2018.

This course focuses on effective public speaking, particularly dealing with the fear of speaking.   It shows participants that public speaking is fun and easy.    The course provides practice in both impromptu and prepared speeches.   By the end of the course participants should be on their way to becoming successful public speakers.  Lectures take place at the University Residence, Lija.

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Further information may be obtained from Malta University Consulting Ltd.

tel:  +356 21 240746/ +356 9982 9244;  email:



2 Responses to The Art of Public Speaking: March – May 2018

  1. James Vassallo says:

    Interested in attending a course at a later date.

    • johanna says:

      Thank you for your comment. I will pass on your comment to the Course Co-ordinator, Maria Bugeja, who is currently on leave but will contact you on her return.

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