Paceville Development Plan : Social Impact Assessment

Currently recruiting participants for a focus group that will inform this Social Impact Assessment of the Paceville Development Plan (date, time and venue to be communicated at a later stage).

If you belong to one or more of the following categories and you would like to contribute, kindly email [email protected]

• Resident of Paceville
• Tourist visiting Paceville
• Employer / commercial investor (e.g. hotelier / shop owner) with business interest in Paceville
• Employee working in Paceville
• Person rendering services in the Paceville area (e.g. family doctor / taxi driver)
• Commuter in the Paceville area
• Consumer of any retail outlet in the Paceville area
• Maltese student that resides in / visits Paceville
• Foreign student that resides in / visits Paceville
• Representative of civil society organisation, e.g. environmental non-governmental organisations
• Representative of state organisations (e.g. local council / member of the police corps / warden) related to the Paceville area
• Person with a disability that resides in / visits Paceville
• Migrant that resides in / visits Paceville
• Person aged 13-17 years that resides in / visits Paceville

More details in the attached recruitment letter.

In the meantime, if you hold any sort of interest in this Development Plan and you have not participated in the online anonymous questionnaire yet, here are the links:

English version:

Maltese version:

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