Introductory Course on Statistics: Data Visualization and Analysis (Using R software) – Nov 2019

Malta University Consulting Ltd is offering an Introductory Course on Statistics:  Data Visualization and Analysis (Using R software).

This 17.5 hour course is targeted to individuals who are not familiar with basic statistical concepts or individuals who have attended some basic course in Statistics but would like a refresher course and perhaps even learn more than was covered in their previous education and/or training.   The aim is to provide a painless introduction to statistical analysis to users with a non-mathematical background.

This course is scheduled for November/December 2019 and the sessions will take place at The Malta University Residence, Robert Mifsud Bonnici Street, Lija.   Parking in the parking area of the Residence.

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Further information may be obtained from Malta University Consulting Ltd on 21240746;  email:




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