Consultancy Services

Malta University Consulting Limited is the commercial arm of the University of Malta which provides economic, management and scientific/technical consultancy services.

Through close collaboration with academia and the business world, Malta University Consulting (MUC) has access to the widest spectrum of knowledge-based resources, which include the know-how of members of staff from different Faculties, Centres and Institutes available through the University of Malta, as well as a broad selection of local and international expertise.  Experts are engaged to work on R & D projects coming from industry and tenders coming from different government/public entities.

MUC provides a one stop shop for all consulting needs in all aspects of economic and social activity.  These span across business strategic evaluations, training needs analysis and scientific consultancy.  In its role as a leading player in the consultancy field, MUC brings to bear its wide experience in providing state of the art advice in all business areas, including those related to :

  • Telecommunications & Power systems;
  • ICT & digital gaming;
  • Product design, prototyping & automation;
  • Image processing;
  • Thermo-mechanical analysis;
  • Human resources;
  • Finanacial/business management;
  • Statistical analysis and quality control & optimization;
  • Ecological, geological and hydrological surveys;
  • Environmental impact assessments;
  • Food studies;
  • EU grants & funding;
  • Audiovisual Translation, Literary Translation & Documentation Translation  [Languages offered: English, Maltese, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Arabic and Chinese]
  • Legal input (including contract drafting and administration and opinion on primary and secondary legislation)
  • Metallurgical and Material Issues
  • Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

MUC acts as promoter, coordinator and partner in projects eligible under international funding programmes and monitors EU legislation and initiatives to design and deliver tailor-made business solutions.

Through MUC, international customers have access to specialised information and business intelligence related to the Mediterranean regioin, and thus MUC acts as the obvious partner for any business and/or consultancy need when doing business in Malta.

Our Clients

Some of the organizations already using MUC to source experts include :

You may contact Dr Ing. Alexia Pace Kiomall for more information or help on Consultancy Services via phone on : (+356) 2340 8903 or email:


Malta University Consulting and Malta Business Bureau are working together to represent Malta in the Go&Learn initiative to support academia-industry collaboration.

More information is found at: Go&Learn web info

The Go and Learn Malta Agency organises student industry visits, industry thematic seminars and international business missions enriching the learning experience of both students and employees.

Through the Go&Learn+ network, University students were given the opportunity to visit four start-ups – Flatnumber, Trilith, Mighty Box and ZAAR Crowdfunding – at the TAKEOFF Business Incubator.

Watch more about our initiative with the following short presentation :


Attention all Professionals : 

Professional Indemnity Insurance Coverage via MUC

Professionals (and particularly warrant holders) who provide a service and offer advice, such as engineers, architects, accountants and lawyers, are required to be covered by an indemnity insurance when practising their profession, to protect them for claims for compensation made for negligence, errors or emissions that have been made in the conduct of their business.

However this involves a hefty expense which needs to be paid by the individuals on a yearly basis if one were to offer his/her services on an individual basis.

As from 1st October 2015 Malta University Consulting Ltd (MUC) is offering Professional Indemnity Insurance Coverage to Consultants and Trainers that are offering their expert services through the Company thus reducing this financial burden. Academics and staff of the University of Malta as well as other professionals are thus encouraged to take advantage of this coverage.


Following Taste

The Malta University Consulting Ltd is partnering with six international entities in an Erasmus+ funded project in the area of gastronomy. The main objective of this project titled Following Taste, is to develop the educational and commercial potential of gastronomy.

For further information please click here